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Looking for a job in bookkeeping or accounting? Check out this job posting from Redbrick Associates

Thanks to the Cañada College Career Center for sending this out:
We are looking to hire two full time equivalents. Redbrick Associates, a growing consulting firm that supports venture capital funds and startup companies, is looking to fill an entry level position that will initially focus on bookkeeping and accounting utilizing a variety of software applications. Experience with Excel is essential.Beyond the initial responsibilities, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to grow into any of the areas of operation that we engage with our clients. Ideally we would like full time applicants, however we can also work with part time based on their level of long term interest; and also part time leading to full time. We also have flexibility to work around the college schedule. It is a paid position (rate and hours are flexible depending on the candidate). The applicant should be over 18 years old with a driver’s license. An accounting knowledge is needed but no other specific office skills (other than excel). Quickbooks is a big plus but not essential. The candidate will not be interacting with clients, but rather the partners of Redbrick, and we will be providing training across a broad set of business skills (focused on finance, of which accounting is a subset and the initial area where the person will be working). Initially the accounting will be focused on record keeping and reconciliations. Responsibilities will expand to meet the interests of the application.
We are in the fortunate position of having a broad set of clients – ranging from venture funds with hundreds of millions that we track, to companies involved in digital health through space travel. We deal with private companies, public companies, foreign companies. Again, we provide the training and would love to find a great fit with someone that would like to expand their resume.
Send your questions and resume to: kate@redbrickassociates.com
6/22/16 Jonathan Wax